Bulgarian Trade Register

The Bulgarian Trade Register

Updated on Friday 08th November 2019

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The Bulgarian Trade Register operates within the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and it can be an important tool for company owners in Bulgaria because it offers access to the centralized registration of each legal entity in Bulgaria. The centralized information that can be accessed online is public and is also available in English for foreign company owners in Bulgaria.
Our Bulgarian law firm can help you register your company in Bulgaria and guide you through each step of the registration procedure.

The Bulgarian Trade Register: a complete database

The Bulgarian Trade Register, like the Trade Register in Poland, is a database that offers access to important information about companies operating on the Bulgarian market and access details regarding the capital of the company, form of business, the names of the shareholders and managers and the address of the company. Bulgarian companies in insolvency or liquidation are also included in the Register.
The database also includes information about local companies and branches or subsidiaries in Bulgaria. All companies in Bulgaria must be registered at the Trade Register and they receive a certificate of registration once the procedure is complete. The application form can be submitted electronically and the company will receive a certificate/reference issued by the Register.
The Bulgarian Trade Register acts as a centralized bureau for information about companies and it sends the information regarding the registration to other legal entities in Bulgaria, such as the National Social Security Institute or the National Revenue Agency. Branches and subsidiaries also receive a unified identification code in Bulgaria.

An accelerated registration procedure

The Bulgarian Trade Register offers certain advantages to investors, among which:
  • centralized information,
  • bilingual access to information, both in Bulgarian and in English,
  • an accelerated registration procedure that can take up to 24 hours.
Specialized staff can offer advice regarding the registration procedure and about the electronic registration procedure. The Bulgarian Trade Register can also act as a link between the registered company and Bulgarian and foreign third parties.
When registering a company in Bulgaria, all the application forms must be in Bulgarian and they can be submitted electronically, by using an electronic signature. The necessary documents are the primary registration application form and the registration card. Individuals who want to register companies must also pay a fee to complete the registration procedure.
If the company makes any changes to its status, the legal entity must notify the Trade Register by submitting an application form for changes in the registration data, along with the registration card.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria can provide assistance during the registration procedure and they can help you open and run your business in Bulgaria. Please contact our attorneys in Bulgaria for more information about our legal services.