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Do you need legal services for your business in Bulgaria? Our experienced lawyers in Bulgaria offer legal assistance and representation for international clients doing business in this country.

Law Firm in Bulgaria

Law Firm in Bulgaria

Updated on Wednesday 25th January 2023

Our lawyers in Bulgaria can assist clients in all main areas of Bulgarian law, with a strong focus on investment and corporate law. Our team can help foreign investors open a company, prepare their business projects and negotiate with their new Bulgarian partners. We also offer services to already established investors, when they are in need of company reorganizations or mergers as well as the dissolution of an existing company. Moreover, we can assist all investors in efforts to comply with the local tax and administrative requirements. 
 Quick Facts  
Business registration services 

Our Bulgarian lawyers can help local and foreign investors register companies.

Bank account opening services

You can rely on us for bank account opening services for personal and corporate use.

Support for tax registration

Our lawyers in Bulgaria are at the service of clients needing tax registration support.

Assistance in immigrating to Bulgaria

Our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria are at the disposal of foreigners who want to relocate here.

Guidance in employment matters (YES/NO)

We offer specialized assistance in employment-related matters.

Support in Civil Law matters

Our law firm in Bulgaria can help in various cases falling under the incidence of the Civil Code.

Company liquidation services

We are at your service with company dissolution/liquidation support.

VAT registration support

We can assist in voluntary and mandatory VAT registration in Bulgaria.

Assistance in obtaining citizenship in Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian law firm can help you apply for citizenship.

Debt collection assistance (YES/NO)

Our attorneys in Bulgaria can assist in debt collection procedures.

Support for renting/buying a property

We offer assistance for renting/buying a property and land in Bulgaria.

Assistance in applying for investment visas

Our lawyers in Bulgaria can assist investors applying for such a visa.

Litigation support 


Trademark registration services

Our law firm in Bulgaria can help you register a trademark.

Assistance in inheritance matters

We offer guidance in inheritance matters.

Our legal department also includes a branch specialized in real estate investments in Bulgaria. We can help investors with complete services related to concluding sale/purchase agreements, property valuation, preparing the documents for real estate deals and many others. By working with our Bulgarian law firm you will always have access to personalized services based on your needs and requirements. Any questions you have will be answered as soon as possible by our Bulgarian lawyers.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria are experienced professionals and our law firm has been on market for many years. The list below presents some of the services our lawyers in Bulgaria have successfully offered to our clients throughout the years:
  • representation in litigation cases: our attorneys have extensive court experience and can help represent you in business or commercial litigation; what’s more, we can also offer legal representation and assistance in family law matters such as divorce and child custody.
  • consultancy in business-related matters: our team of lawyers can advise you on all matters related to doing business in Bulgaria, from the applicable laws for employment or competition to the treaties signed by the country with other jurisdictions.
  • company registration services: we provide complete company registration services, suited to local and foreign investors, especially those who cannot travel to the country to handle all of the procedures needed to start a business.
  • tax registration and tax planning solutions: a company in Bulgaria needs to be registered for tax purposes; we can help you handle this step and also advise you on the suitable ways in which you can legally reduce payable taxes by making the most out of the tax incentives or reductions.
  • immigration to Bulgaria - you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria for obtaining various types of permits and visas.
  • debt collection: if you are having difficulties collecting debt from a creditor in Bulgaria, you can reach out to our debt collection specialists. There are numerous ways to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria. According to the Bulgarian Constitution, foreign nationals living in Bulgaria have specific rights and obligations and are required to abide by its laws and residency regulations. In accordance with the terms and regulations established by European Union law, nationals of third countries are not required to get a visa in order to transit through Bulgaria.
  • employment matters: we advise on all matters related to employment, both in the case of Bulgarian nationals and foreign employees.
Whether you need assistance in opening a company in Bulgaria or representation in other legal matters, our attorneys will provide you with the suitable solution. You can count on our Bulgarian attorneys to always be there for you.

Legal representation in litigation cases

In some situations, the case and the special conditions in which the parties find themselves will make it mandatory to take the case to court. Our attorneys in Bulgaria will then offer you legal advice on how to handle a litigation case and will also represent you. Our lawyers are able to help you find the suitable legal solutions. Alternative dispute resolution methods in Bulgaria include arbitration, one of the most employed methods of resolving business litigation. Our lawyers have the relevant experience in this field and can help you if this is the chosen method to solve an on-going dispute. We offer assistance both for companies and for individuals in Bulgaria. You can always reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the applicable legal proceedings in your case.
There are several main stages for civil proceedings in Bulgaria:
  • the submission of the claim before the competent court;
  • the service of the statement of claim to the respondent;
  • an examination of the statement claim performed by the court;
  • establishing all preliminary issues before the case is brought to trial;
  • finally, the court hears the case in the presence of the parties or other designated persons.
There is no specific time-frame for a litigation procedure in Bulgaria. Various issues may influence the amount of time to settle a legal dispute. A litigation process in Bulgaria may take years, especially if there are appeals on the initial decision. 
Another legal option to settle legal disputes is arbitration. This method is used for dispute resolution and arbitration in Bulgaria and has the same effect as a court judgment. One advantage is that arbitration process is generally much shorter, compared to other civil proceedings in Bulgaria. Arbitration in Bulgaria is governed by the International Commercial Arbitration Act. Our lawyer in Bulgaria can offer you more information about arbitration and other methods of dispute resolution in Bulgaria.
We remind you that we also offer consultancy in matters related to immigration to Bulgaria.

Opening a company helped by our lawyer in Bulgaria

Opening a company in Bulgaria is very simple once you have requested the services of our law firm. The first step will be for our lawyers in Bulgaria to familiarize you with the requirements of the Commercial Law related to company registration. Once you have fully understood what these requirements are, you can choose the proper solution according to your needs. Our Bulgarian lawyers will then handle the registration procedure by drafting the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and submitting them with the Bulgarian Companies Register. The last step will be tax registration. 
By choosing to work with our lawyers in Bulgaria for opening a company in this country, the procedure becomes simple. You need to have all the appropriate documents properly filled in and deposited at the right authorities and the procedure doesn’t take longer than eighteen days. For qualified legal consultancy in other European countries, like Germany for instance, please contact our partner German lawyers. You can always rely on their services.
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Contract law attorneys in Bulgaria

When doing business in the country, investors may find that they need a comprehensive understanding of the Contract Law, and perhaps specialized assistance for negotiation in commercial agreements. We can help with legal counseling for drafting contracts as well as terminating various types of agreements.

Company liquidation handled by our lawyer in Bulgaria

Investors can also rely on our services in case the company needs to terminate its business activities in the country. We can assist with liquidation and the general winding up procedure both for locally incorporated companies or resident companies and for branches of foreign corporations that no longer find it profitable to work on the Bulgarian market. 
The liquidation process requires a certain amount of diligence because of the legal implications that arise with satisfying the debts of the creditors. 
If you need legal services in other countries, we can recommend our local partners, such as lawyers from Poland

Debt collection in Bulgaria

When entrepreneurs in Bulgaria find it difficult to collect due payments, they can request our specialized services. Our team can help them collect outstanding debts and avoid, when possible, the unnecessary legal actions. Through negotiation and a set of pre-court legal procedures, our lawyers will try to recover due debts and, when needed, will initiate the legal proceedings for a court recovery.  

Employment consultancy in Bulgaria

Hiring employees in Bulgaria is subject to a set of rules and investors can use our legal counseling services when they have questions about the employment obligations that arise or if they are faced with employment disputes. Our team can help draft the employment contracts, hire foreign employees and they assist with all legal matters related to human resources including dismissals. 

Consultancy related to taxation in Bulgaria

Once the company is registered, you will need to know the taxes you have to pay. Our Bulgarian lawyers will take you through the most important aspects of the Bulgarian Tax Code in order for you to understand how to maximize your incomes by legally minimizing the taxes you must pay. Bulgaria provides many tax incentives you will want to know about. You can simply ask our lawyers in Bulgaria abput them and how you can benefit from them. They will help you find the proper solution. Our Bulgarian attorneys will also offer you a full picture of the country’s double taxation agreements in order to help you understand what your rights are when repatriating profits.
We invite you to watch a video about our services:

Legal assistance in civil cases

Our lawyers in Bulgaria are also able to represent you in cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance. Find out from our Bulgarian attorneys what your rights are and how to handle a divorce case. You can rely on our Bulgarian law firm’s services and advice in order to go through court proceedings. You can also ask our lawyers for advice in cases that involve the division of assets and child custody. If you have questions or need legal support, you can contact our law firm in Bulgaria for help.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria are committed to offering high-quality services to local and foreign investors. We work with small, medium and large corporations and we are highly specialized in business and corporate law. We maintain a professional approach to each case and pay attention to the client’s economic and legal needs. Our lawyers based in Sofia offer services both in the country’s capital city and in any of the other major Bulgarian cities.  Feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria for assistance in moving here.
When it comes to immigration to Bulgaria, a temporary residency permit can be granted for a term of 6 months to a year, with the option of an additional year up to 5. Holders are qualified for permanent residence after five 5. Non-EU nationals who have had a permanent residency permit for the past 5 years are eligible to apply for citizenship.
The Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship offers a fast-track procedure to acquire citizenship in Bulgaria and is provided in compliance with the Foreigners Act. It also has one of the quickest residency-leading programs. Candidates must satisfy one of the investment alternatives listed in the legislation.
For legal services in other countries, we recommend other reliable experts from all around the world, such as specialists in company formation in Hong Kong or Switzerland