Set Up an FMCG Company in Bulgaria

Set Up an FMCG Company in Bulgaria

Updated on Tuesday 21st March 2017

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Set-Up-an-FMCG-Company-in-Bulgaria.jpgInvestors looking for business opportunities in Bulgaria can set-up an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) company. These packaged goods include a wide range of products, from soft drinks and processed foods to cosmetics.
The FMCG industry is a growing one that has a good potential for business in Bulgaria. Investors who are interested in setting up a Bulgarian company that operates in the FMCG sector need to observe the requirements of registration and local licensing for manufacturing, storing and selling consumer goods.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria can give you detailed information about the legal framework concerning company set-up and management in the country. Our attorneys can also act as your representatives during the incorporation process if you cannot be present in the Bulgaria during the incorporation phase.

The FMCG market in Bulgaria

A characteristic of the fast moving consumer goods is that they have a short shelf life and are sold in a short amount of time, as opposed to electronics for example. Packaged and/or processed foods, snacks and sodas, tobacco and alcoholic drinks over-the-counter medicine, cosmetics and home care consumables are included in this category. 
Investment opportunities on the Bulgarian marker include the import and sale of products in the health and wellness category or new product development.
The regulations in the retail sector may require that investors obtain additional special permits and licenses, according to the type of product they are selling in the country. Our lawyers in Bulgaria can give you detailed information on the specific regulations in the major retail and FMCG sectors.

Company formation in Bulgaria

The Company Law in Bulgaria allows for the formation of several types of companies. The limited liability company and the joint stock company have legal personality, separate from that of their founders. Partnerships in Bulgaria are formed between two or more business partners who bear different levels of liability. 
In Bulgaria, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership. Companies must be registered with the Commercial Register. 
Are you looking for information on the legal framework for investments in Bulgaria? Contact our law firm in Bulgaria for more details about the legal services we can provide for your business.