Set Up a Shop in Bulgaria

Set Up a Shop in Bulgaria

Updated on Thursday 20th September 2018

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Set-Up-a-Shop-in-Bulgaria.jpgOpening a shop can be a lucrative business option for many investors in Bulgaria. The store does not have to be a large one and it can specialize in certain types of products. Entering the retail business requires some research on the particular market and the location where the store will be based.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria present the main steps to open a shop in Bulgaria and are ready to assist investors who want to enter the retail business.

Steps to open a shop in Bulgaria

The list below highlights the main steps investors need to go through when starting a store in Bulgaria.
  • - Decide on the category of goods: retail stores can sell different types of goods and decide on the types of products as well as the target clients is important; shops can sell clothes, kitchen supplies, electronics, footwear and many other categories of products, including foodstuffs.
  • - Apply for permits or licenses: some types of products need to have specific import documentation prepared when they arrive in Bulgaria; knowing the applicable rules will help sore owners import the products they wish to sell
  • - Choose a type of company: once the business plan is complete, investors should start researching the steps needed to open a legal entity in Bulgaria, like a private limited liability company
  • - Hire employees: recruiting and hiring employees is an important step and one of our lawyers in Bulgaria can assist with information about the Employment Law.
  • - Promote your business: a new store will benefit from an active marketing campaign before the opening day and afterward. 
Our attorneys in Bulgaria can detail the requirements for importing certain categories of products as well as answer any questions regarding employment and company management issues.

Company formation in Bulgaria

The most common types of companies in Bulgaria are the limited liability company, often used for opening a store, the joint stock company and the branch for foreign companies that expand their business into the country.
Franchising is also an option for investors in Bulgaria who wish to acquire an already existing business model for a retail chain.
For more detailed information about starting a business or the requirements for foreign investors in retail, please contact our law firm in Bulgaria