Road transportation in Bulgaria

Road Transportation in Bulgaria

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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road_transportation_in_bulgaria.jpgIf you a foreign or local investor and you wish to start a transportation company in Bulgaria, there are a number of requirements and laws you need to follow before starting any related action on this. 
The minimum regulations you need to be familiar with before starting a Bulgarian transportation company are the Traffic Law, the Law of Roads and the Law of Automobile Transportation.
Laws on Bulgarian Transportation
The Bulgarian Traffic Law governs the rules of the road open to public, the requirements for vehicles to drive on these roads, the requirements for certification of drivers of vehicles, the rights and obligations of the participants in the traffic, as well as coercive measures to be applied, and the penalties for violating the provisions of this law and issued thereunder regulations. The purpose of this law is to protect the life and health of participants in traffic, to facilitate their traffic, to protect the assets of companies and individuals, and the environment from pollution from motor vehicles. According to the Bulgarian Traffic Law, each participant in traffic must not create hazard through his behaviour and should not endanger the lives and health of people or cause damage to property. Also it is strictly forbidden to leave or discard in the way objects or substances which can harm the environment. The drivers of a vehicle are prohibited to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances or drive a vehicle which is out of service.
According to the Law of Automobile Transportation the public transport of passengers and cargo is carried by carrier which is licensed to for the carriage of passengers or goods on the territory of Bulgaria. The "Automobile Administration" Executive Agency is keeping a register of any motor vehicles licensed for the carriage of passengers or goods on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and issued a certificate for each of these automobiles. 
The Law of Roads regulates the social relations associated with the ownership, operation, management, management, construction, repair, maintenance and financing of roads, as well as the safety of road infrastructure in the Republic of Bulgaria.
Opening a transportation firm in Bulgaria
The base of opening a transport company in Bulgaria is represented by establishing a Ltd. and obtaining a specific license.
If you are a foreign investor please keep in mind that there are several documents which must be delivered to the Ministry of Transportation before obtaining the right to operate on the Bulgarian territory such as: a certificate of conviction(in order to provide that the manager of the company was not convicted for crimes against the law),  a certificate of professional competence, the annual audited financial statements ,a bank guarantee, an insurance contract, a certificate that the company is without public obligations, a declaration of availability of owned or rented garage where the address of the company is stated, a copy of the contract of appointing the managing individual. 
In maximum one month, the Ministry will take a decision and will issue (or not) a renewable licence for five years. Certain fees applies on issuing the License for the Community , issuing a certified copy of a Community license or for changes in issued Licence.