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Purchasing a Property in Bulgaria

Updated on Tuesday 06th September 2022

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Purchase a Property in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is an increasingly attractive business destination and the country has recently began to invest more in tourism and promote various seaside or mountain resorts. Real-estate investments in Bulgaria are convenient, mainly because the prices are significantly lower than in other European countries. However, certain restrictions apply to foreign investors regarding land purchase and agricultural land purchase in Bulgaria. It is advisable to seek the help of a Bulgarian lawyer when purchasing a property in Bulgaria. Our law firm in Bulgaria will help you with detailed information about the legal porcedure for buying a property in this country.mYou can also rely on our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria if you need support in moving here through property acquisition. 

The property purchase procedure in Bulgaria

The property purchase process begins with choosing a suitable property in Bulgaria. Foreign investors usually want to buy real-estate in some of Bulgaria’s largest cities, like the country’s capital and other important economic hubs. Our lawyers in Bulgaria can help you purchase a property in Sofia or in Burgas.
You should plan ahead and reserve some time to view the property before concluding the purchase. Legal assistance is advisable and it is also helpful to hire a Bulgarian translator. If the buyer agrees on the price, a deposit must be made in order to reserve the property. This deposit can have an approximate value of 1,000 to 2,000 euros, depending on the total value of the property.
Our Bulgarian lawyers can offer you information about prices in different cities in Bulgaria and help you perform a due diligence verification of the property before making the purchase.
A preliminary sale agreement must be signed with the owner after making the deposit. This preliminary agreement includes all of the basic purchase conditions that will be found in the final agreement. Some of the information that needs to be included in the property purchase agreement includes: a description of the property, price, payment method and other details.

Foreigners seeking to buy a property in Bulgaria

Foreigners are permitted to purchase properties in Bulgaria under the national law, but there are several restrictions. All foreign individuals, whether natural or legal, are permitted to buy houses in Bulgaria under their own names.
You should be aware that land cannot be sold to foreigners and may only be purchased by creating a Bulgarian company when purchasing a home with a garden or a block of land.
Citizens belonging to EU member states can purchase properties in Bulgaria that have plots of land or gardens. However, they cannot buy agricultural land unless they open a Bulgarian company.
Foreign individuals may buy apartments in Bulgaria if the apartments do not include plots of land. In most cases, apartments can be found in apartment buildings, thus foreign investors do not have limitations in this case.
If an buyer from Singapore for exemple would not be able to buy a house in Bulgaria, that has plots of land or gardens. It can only be bought by non-EU foreign investors, if they have previously registered a company in Bulgaria. This restriction is about to be lifted.
Do not hesitate to ask for the support of our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria if you want to use the purchase of a property as a means of relocating here.

Steps to buy a house in Bulgaria

When you decide to buy a house in Bulgaria, there are several aspects to consider and a few steps to complete. For example, foreigners are not required to apply for residency before acquiring the desired property. However, they can decide to move and live here until the become eligible for permanent immigration to Bulgaria.
These are the steps to complete when buying real estate in Bulgaria:
  1. completing a property verification is not mandatory, however, it is a good idea before making such an investment;
  2. reserving the chosen property by making an advance payment;
  3. signing the pre-sale contract is a usual step in the purchase procedure;
  4. drafting the Notary Deed, also known as the Title Deed, a document confirming the property's ownership;
  5. having the Title Deed certified by a public notary who will also register it with the Bulgarian Land Register.


It is also worth noting that the preliminary contract is signed within 30 days of receiving the deposit. It usually contains a description of the property, the cost, the terms of payment.
You can get in touch with our Bulgarian lawyers for support in drafting the documents related to buying a house or apartment in this country.

Documents to consider when buying a Bulgarian property

Just like any other acquisition, when you want to buy a house in Bulgaria you need to draft various documents. Among them are:
  • the sale agreement which must be drafted in accordance with several laws;
  • the Certificate of Tax Evaluation;
  • the Title Deed which is issued by the Land Register upon the registration of the new owner.
Then, depending on other specifics of the property and the buyer, other documents may also be required. For example, a Certificate of the Marital Status of the buyer if the real estate is bought with one’s spouse. When buying land in Bulgaria, a sketch of the land plot is also required. The Certificate of Encumbrances issued by the Land Register must also be on the list of documents when you decide to buy a property in Bulgaria.
Special attention must be paid by companies acquiring real estate in Bulgaria, as these need to register with the National Statistical Institute.

Taxes and fees to consider when buying real estate in Bulgaria

There are several costs associated with purchasing a house in Bulgaria, and they expressed as a proportion of the selling price, as follows:
  • 1% to 4% in property transfer taxes;
  • 1% to 2.5% in notary fees;
  • 0.5% in registration fees;
  • 2.5% to 5% in real estate agent fees, provided that intermediary services were used.
It is also worth noting that the value added tax for real estate transactions in Bulgaria is levied at 20%.
It is usually expected to spend around 3% to 8.5 % of the selling price on purchasing costs, however, the highest percentage involves using the services of a real estate agent. Our lawyers are at your disposal if you want to use this opportunity as a way of immigration to Bulgaria.
A notary deed needs to be drawn up and the Bulgarian notary must certify and register the deed. Our Bulgarian law office can provide additional information about the annual taxes in Bulgaria. Please contact our law firm in Sofia if you want to invest in real estate.