Open an Amazon Store in Bulgaria

Open an Amazon Store in Bulgaria

Updated on Monday 22nd January 2018

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Open-an-Amazon-Store-in-Bulgaria .jpgAmazon is the most successful e-commerce company, and one of the first large corporations to sell various goods over the Internet. While the company started by selling a relatively limited variety of items, particularly books, DVDs or music, it quickly became an international marketplace that offers all types of consumer goods.
Investors can open an Amazon store in Bulgaria by following the local company registration procedures and following the guidelines for affiliated sellers. One of our lawyers in Bulgaria can give you complete information about the legal requirements for opening a store in the country.

The particularities of an Amazon store in Bulgaria

Amazon is a consumer-centered company, meaning that the corporate culture is focused on making the customers happy and meeting their needs. The giant e-commerce company has close to 270,000 employees worldwide, with more to come as it opens headquarters in various locations.
Bulgaria is among the countries accepted for registration and selling on the online platform. Moreover, entrepreneurs can open an Amazon store in Bulgaria by following the company registration procedure in the country. Companies duly registered in the country can become sellers, provided that they maintain a locally registered office in Sofia or another city.

How to open a store in Bulgaria 

Opening and running an Amazon store in Bulgaria includes a series of steps, starting with registering a company, like a limited liability company, registering for tax and VAT purposes in Bulgaria and hiring employees. 
An important issue to consider for all Amazon sellers is the payment methods. Online payment is mandatory and, for this purpose, entrepreneurs will need to open a merchant account or set up a PayPal (in these cases, a business account is recommended). 
One of our attorneys in Bulgaria can give you detailed information about the company formation process and the special taxation issues that arise with operating a virtual shop.
You can contact our law firm in Bulgaria if you need special assistance for starting a business in the country.