Open a Company in the Healthcare Field in Bulgaria

Open a Company in the Healthcare Field in Bulgaria

Updated on Sunday 30th April 2017

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Open-a-Company-in-the-Healthcare-Field-in-Bulgaria.jpgThe healthcare system in Bulgaria includes both the national organizations and the National Health Insurance Fund and a large number of private healthcare companies and health insurance companies. The Ministry of Health dictates the national health policy and the Health Insurance Act governs the current, mandatory health insurance policies.
A large number or public and private sector providers offer health services in Bulgaria. Those who wish to open a healthcare company in Bulgaria will need to observe the provisions contained in the Health Care Establishment Act and the applicable regulations issued by the Ministry of Health. Private companies in Bulgaria can provide specialized ambulatory and hospital care as well as many other health services.
A team of lawyers in Bulgaria can answer all of your questions regarding the current health system, the health reforms and the most important laws that concern opening and running a healthcare company.

Health providers in Bulgaria

Investments in the healthcare sector in Bulgaria can range from private hospital and outpatient care to nutrition services provided by specialists. Healthcare companies, diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, dental clinics and nutrition clinics can all be included in the broad definition of healthcare companies although they will require different conditions for functioning. 
Private and foreign investments in healthcare in Bulgaria are allowed although the sector is subject to regulations and licensing depending on the types of services that are being provided to patients and clients. Private healthcare providers in Bulgaria are autonomous from the public sector and are self-governing. 
Companies in Bulgaria that operate in the health sector will need to observe other rules, apart from those related to the provision of medical care. Among them are the Trade Law or the Cooperation Law. One of our attorneys in Bulgaria can give you further details on these laws.

How to open a healthcare company in Bulgaria

Investors who want to open a healthcare company can choose to set-up a private limited liability company or a public limited liability company. Medical experts can also provide consultancy services by setting up a limited liability company.
All Bulgarian companies must be registered with the Commercial Register. Upon registration, the applicants must present the application form, the company’s Articles of Association and other documents. 
Foreign ownership is allowed to up to 100% in Bulgaria. One of our attorneys can give you further details on the legal framework for foreign investments in the country,
Contact our law firm in Bulgaria for more information on how to open a company and the requirements for local and foreign investors.