Obtaining Work Permit in Bulgaria

Obtaining Work Permit in Bulgaria

Updated on Monday 08th August 2022

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Obtaining-Work-Permit-in-BulgariaThe Employment Promotion Act is the main legal framework regulating the employment of foreign citizens in Bulgaria. However, not all foreign citizens are required to apply for a work permit when coming to work in Bulgaria. EU and Swiss citizens are not required to obtain Bulgarian labor permits; they must only register with the local Employment Office of the region they live in. Non-EU citizens must first apply for a work permit with the National Employment Agency before starting working for a Bulgarian company. The employer must apply for the foreign employee’s Bulgarian labor permit. In Bulgaria, work permits are issued for foreigners who have specific skills and specialists. Bulgarian employment permits are usually issued for a specific position and employer and has a one-year validity period.

Our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria explain below how to apply for work permits.

Documents required to obtain a work permit for Bulgaria

As mentioned above, the Bulgarian employer will submit the work permit application. The employer is also required to submit the following documents additionally to the specific application form:

  • a document stating the reasons for the request,
  • three photos of the foreign employee,
  • a legalized copy of the Bulgarian company’s certificate of incorporation,
  • legalized documents proving the employee’s education, specialty, skills, qualifications or experience,
  • the foreign citizen’s employment contract that will enable immigration to Bulgaria,
  • other documents related to the position applied for by the foreign citizen,
  • a copy of the employee’s valid passport.

Companies hiring foreign citizens on managerial positions may be subject to additional requirements. 

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Work permit application procedure in Bulgaria

Once all the documents are prepared, the Bulgarian company will submit them with the Employment Service Directorate within the National Employment Agency. The procedure takes no longer than three days, time in which the agency will verify the documents and send them to the executive directors who will decide to issue the work permit for the foreign employee. Bulgarian employment visas are usually issued within a month. Once the permit is issued, the company must register the employee with the local Employment Office.

For complete information about the Employment law, please contact our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria.