Obtain Information about Bulgarian Companies

Obtain Information about Bulgarian Companies

Updated on Friday 07th February 2020

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In Bulgaria, individuals can obtain information about Bulgarian companies by accessing the websites of the Bulgarian Trade Register or of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry that also has a Trade Register section.
The Bulgarian Commercial Register is the centralized database for company information in Bulgaria. It operates under the Registry Agency, under the authority of the Ministry of Justice.
The Commercial Register is responsible for the registration of all kinds of legal entities, including, but not limited to, branches, sole proprietorships, associations, organizations, etc.
Access to this database is free and open. Anyone can access the Bulgarian website. Online checks are not subject to any fee, as provided by law.
The Trade Register belonging to the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is based on a voluntarily application and the data that can be found here is accompanied by the documents previously submitted by the company to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Commercial Register in Bulgaria

The Commercial Register has an online information system. Anyone can access the website (only in Bulgarian) and anyone can obtain information.
The website has electronic archives and offers the possibility of “history” tracking. Companies have an electronic image of all of the submitted documents, refusals and files of traders. The Commercial Trade Register of Bulgaria also provides information about companies in insolvency or liquidation.
According to the law, the Trade Register must provide authenticated copies of the requested company documents. Companies performing commercial activities in Bulgaria must register with the Bulgarian Trade Register.
Information on Bulgarian companies that have performed the EORI registration may also be available, in some cases.

The BCCI Trade Register

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) offers a voluntarily unified Trade Register. The registration procedure is simple and fast and the registration fee covers the maintenance costs.
The BCCI has a bilingual version of the Trade Register (both in Bulgarian and in English) making it easy to use by foreign investors.
The public section of the BCCI Trade Register gives the customers of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry access to specific data about the registered companies kept in the system.
The standard search criteria include:
  • custom number of the company,
  • Bulstat,
  • Status,
  • full name of the company.
The report will include all the information about the customers registered in the system that are accessible to the public, such as: customer number, full name, legal address, activity sphere, activities for business contacts, representatives etc.

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