Legal services offered by our lawyers in Sofia

Legal services offered by our lawyers in Sofia

Updated on Friday 07th February 2020

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legal_services_in_sofia.JPGSofia has become in the recent years a very appealing city for opening a business. For a Bulgarian or foreign investor, Sofia represents a great choice for business, being the capital city of Bulgaria and one of the largest of the country. It offers many business opportunities through the many types of companies available in Bulgaria.

We can help you open a company in Sofia


Our lawyers in Sofia are experienced in all the procedures regarding company incorporation, so if you plan to open a company in Sofia, you can benefit from full support from our lawyers. We can help you open a limited liability company, also known as O.O.D or a joint-stock company, known as A.D.

Whatever your choice might be, we can assist you and guide you so you can make the best decision for your business. In addition, our legal services in Sofia relate to company formation, such as company domiciliation, but also accounting services.

Among the legal services offered by our lawyers in Sofia is the assistance with opening a subsidiary, as well as a branch in Sofia. We can help you set up a entity in Sofia with or without independent legal personality, so you can focus on management and inspecting the market in order to start doing business immediately.

Contact us if you want to open a branch or establish a subsidiary in Sofia.

Easily obtain special permits and licenses


As certain permits and licenses are needed in order to legally run a business in Sofia, we can help you obtain all the permits and licenses you need. With our help, this will be a very simplified procedure, as we will guide you through each step. This service relates to permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire Bulgarian nationals etc.

We can also asisst investors who need to perform an EORI registration when they offer intra-community services.

Corporate and commercial litigation, as well as tax advice and tax planning


Other legal services provided by our lawyers in Bulgaria are related to corporate and commercial litigation. Our accountants and lawyers will represent you through all the stages of litigation in Bulgaria. Moreover, we can offer advice regarding the taxation system applied in Bulgaria and present the best taxation methods. With our help, you will benefit from legal minimization of taxes.

Mergers and acquisitions in Sofia? Let us help you


Our lawyers in Sofia know all about the mergers and acquisition process in Sofia and we can offer assistance when purchasing shares in existing companies in Sofia or advice on other corporate restructuring on the Bulgarian market.

Do you want to close a company in Sofia? Contact us


If you want to close a company in Sofia, our Bulgarian lawyers and accountants can help you along the way and offer assistance in regards to dissolution and liquidation of Bulgarian companies, as well as bankruptcy procedures.