Legal services in Plovdiv

Legal services in Plovdiv

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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legal_services_in_plovdiv.JPGPlovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria after the capital Sofia and it is an important economic, cultural and educational centre. Investors who wish to open a company in Bulgaria may consider Plovdiv an interesting investment destination.

Start a business in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is the second Bulgarian city in terms of economic importance and production. Our Bulgarian lawyers have experience in company incorporation and will help you set up your company in Bulgaria’s second largest city. We can help you open a limited liability company or a joint-stock company. In addition, our services include company domiciliation and accounting operations.

Obtain special permits and licenses

As in any Bulgarian city, if you wish to invest in Plovdiv, you will need special permits and licenses. Our Bulgarian lawyers can help you obtain all of the necessary permits from local authorities and other licenses necessary to conduct activities in Bulgaria.

Tax advice and planning

The main types of companies that can be opened in Bulgaria have the obligation to pay certain taxes, depending on the type of company and several other characteristics.

We can offer advice regarding the specifics of the Bulgarian taxation for your business in Plovdiv and we help you benefit from all of the legal advantages available for your type of company.

Acquisitions in Plovdiv

Our lawyers in Bulgaria can help you make various purchases in Plovdiv. You may choose to purchase shares in existing companies in Plovdiv or even invest in a property in Bulgaria.

If, however, you wish to invest in Bulgaria without opening a new company, you may choose to purchase an existing Bulgarian company.

We can help you choose between the two available categories of shelf companies in Bulgaria: companies with history and companies without history. Furthermore, we can assist you throughout the acquisition process and afterwards, during the company incorporation.

Contact our law firm in Bulgaria for more information about investment options in Plovdiv. We can help you set up a new company in one of Bulgaria’s fastest growing cities.