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Legal Services in Bulgaria

Updated on Thursday 05th January 2023

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Our law firm in Bulgaria offers complete legal services for corporate and private investors who wish to open a company in the country or establish the local presence, through a branch or a subsidiary, for a larger international business.
We serve clients from a wide array of business fields and our lawyers have the relevant experience to counsel and guide clients on the process of opening a business regardless of its type, size and the sector in which it will operate. We advise both start-up founders and experienced investors and can provide services to local and international clients.
The legal solutions offered by our team of attorneys in Bulgaria are personalized according to the needs of the client. In cases of corporate and commercial litigation, as well as in alternative dispute resolution methods, we strive to find the most suitable solutions, the ones that will allow our clients to solve the matter as fast as possible and continue with their business matters. We provide complete tailored services and legal representation in business and commercial disputes in many fields, such as corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, employment, real estate or mergers and acquisitions. 
Our team of lawyers in Bulgaria includes experts who have experience in various practice areas, starting with commercial litigation, intellectual property, tax, real estate, employment or EU law. Our team can also include specialists and counselors who can advise on specific matters, as needed. Our partners, associates and support staff can provide complete solutions to companies, investors and entrepreneurs in Bulgaria in all major cities. 
Below, we present a list of our most commonly requested services:
  1. Commercial litigation: our team can handle complex disputes that occur in business contexts in Bulgaria.
  2. Company formation: our team of lawyers can assist entrepreneurs throughout all of the company formation phases.
  3. Mergers and acquisitions: we handle matters concerning the merging of two legal entities as well as the process of taking over or corporate acquisitions.
  4. Intellectual Property: our lawyers specialize in intellectual property matters and can assist business owners who face infringement issues and other IP law concerns.
  5. Assistance in immigration to Bulgaria - we offer support to those who want to relocate through our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria
  6. Tax counseling and tax planning: our team of tax experts can advise clients on the suitable tax planning strategy as well as provide information on the ongoing tax laws.
Our corporate clients come from various business backgrounds and sectors, this is why our solutions are sector-specific, taking into consideration the particular nature of the business/commercial dispute or the issue at hand.

Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Our lawyers in Bulgaria will be able to represent you throughout all the stages of litigation. We can represent local and international clients in complex business and commercial legal matters as well as provide alternative dispute resolution strategies, when possible. Our attorneys provide tailored legal advice that focuses on the objectives of the company and that takes into consideration multiple aspects when deciding on the most suitable solutions for the legal dispute.
We can assist in legal disputes in various fields, our area of work including intellectual property disputes, antitrust and competition disputes, employment, insurance, intellectual property disputes and a number of other areas. In case you need these legal services in another country, for example in Hungary, we can put you in contact with a reliable team of lawyers in Hungary.

Formation of Bulgarian Companies

We provide complete legal assistance for opening a company in Bulgaria. For this purpose, our team of attorneys can help investors with the following:
  • - Choosing a type of company: investors can open a limited liability company, joint-stock company, partnerships or a sole trader.
  • - Registering the company: all companies in Bulgaria are required to register with the Commercial Register and our lawyers can assist during this step.
  • - Obtaining special permits and licenses: obtaining permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire a Bulgarian national etc.
  • - Opening branches or subsidiaries: our team can assist foreign investors who want to establish their local presence through a representative office, a branch or a subsidiary.

Starting a business in Bulgaria is not a complicated process, however, investors can receive specialized legal aid from our team of lawyers for opening a limited liability company in complete compliance with the Commerce Act, the Commercial Register Act, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Bulgaria

Mergers and acquisitions, the purchase of shares in existing Bulgarian companies, as well as other corporate restructuring on the Bulgarian market. We can serve both national and international clients and will treat each case according to its particularities. Our law firm in Bulgaria can provide assistance during each of the transaction phases or at different phases, as required. We can start with due diligence proves in order to help the buyer determine the value of the transaction and the manner in which this can be handled. Moreover, we can assist our clients during the document execution phase and for obtaining the regulatory approvals.

Liquidation and Dissolution of Bulgarian Companies

Our Bulgarian lawyers and accountants provide legal assistance related to the dissolution and liquidation of Bulgarian companies, as well as bankruptcy procedures. Our team has experience in advising corporate debtors on the suitable course of action as well as presenting, when possible, a refinancing plan or a recapitalization plan. We can advise on corporate restructuring matters.

Tax Advice and Tax Planning

Advice on Bulgarian taxation methods and on legal minimization of taxes. We can advise our clients on general tax issues, including VAT registration and taxation general corporate matters, tax liability and the manner in which double taxation agreements apply in Bulgaria. Together with our team, foreign investors will obtain relevant information about the Bulgarian taxation system, the manner in which they may lawfully reduce certain taxes or benefit from applicable business incentives. 
If you are a foreign citizen interested in moving here, address our immigration lawyers in Bulgaria for support. Many people view Bulgaria as the newest land of opportunity. Bulgaria is seen as financially and politically secure by international standards as a member of the European Union since 2007. Bulgaria is also trying to become a member of the EU's borderless Schengen area in 2024. This means that immigration to Bulgaria has become a very appealing option for many non-EU citizens.

We invite you to watch a short video about the legal services offered by our law firm in Bulgaria:

If you want to open companies in other countries, all over the world, such as Malaysia, or you need legal services, our lawyers may recommend you their affiliates. We are also at your service with support in immigration to Bulgaria. All of our clients who want to apply for permanent residency in Bulgaria and take advantage of their new homes throughout the year can count on our assistance. According to the requirements for long-term stays, one must dwell in Bulgaria for 5 years before applying for permanent residence permit. Contact us for details on the types of permits available.

Investment of at least BGN 1 million in collective investment schemes or alternative investment funds licensed and registered by the Financial Supervision Investment is one of the options through which you can acquire citizenship in Bulgaria. This option is available through the golden visa program dedicated to foreign entrepreneurs.