Intellectual property lawyers in Bulgaria

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Bulgaria

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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intellectual_property_ bulgaria.JPGIn Bulgaria, intellectual property is protected by the regulations of the national legislation, the European laws or the international conventions and agreements. Owning intellectual property in Bulgaria is no different than owning intellectual property in another country and it means owning the rights to intangible objects that you've created or received, to profit from them and control how they are used.
The main objects of protection in Bulgaria are the inventions and utility models, marks and industrial designs, new plant varieties, animal breeds, topographies of semiconductor products, company names, the repression of unfair competition and other.
Legal protection of various inventions is allowed after getting a patent issued by the Patent Office which certifies the exclusive right to invention of the holder. The patents are usually granted when it is provided that the object of the patent involve an inventive step and it is industrially applicable.
Our intellectual property lawyers in Bulgaria can offer their legal services if your company needs to make sure that its copyright, trademarks, patents or other trade secrets are respected accordingly. 

Intellectual property in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers protection for intellectual property through special acts and regulations, international agreements and conventions and by observing the regulations and directives set forth by the European Union. The Bulgarian Patent Office is the regulatory body responsible for the protection of intellectual property. The Bulgarian Patent Office is also responsible for issuing patents for inventions or certificates for industrial designs and any intellectual property protection-related documents.
Foreign investors in Bulgaria may want to differentiate their company from other Bulgarian companies which are already on the market. The names, ideas and other items that help identify a company and contribute to its uniqueness need to be protected against infringement.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria can provide advice regarding any matter concerning trademarks and copyright in Bulgaria. 
According to the Law on Patents and Utility Model Registration (ZPRPM) are not regarded as inventions: discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods; results of artistic creativity; schemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts, playing games or doing business, and computer programs; presentation of information. The duration of a utility model registration is four years from the date of filing. It may be extended for two successive periods of three years and the total period of protection may not exceed ten years from the date of filing.
Design means the appearance of a product or part thereof, the specific features of shape, line, pattern, ornamentation, colour or a combination of all of them. Exclusive right to design is acquired by registration in the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria. Only new and original designs can be registered in Bulgaria. The duration of the design registration is ten years from the date of filing and may be renewed for three additional periods of five years.
The mark is a sign capable of being represented graphically and whose main function is to distinguish the goods or services of one person from those of others. Marks may be trademarks, service marks, collective marks and certification marks. A mark has exclusive rights, including the right to its holder to use it, to dispose of it and to prevent others from using it without his consent. Registration in Bulgaria for any type of marks is made for a period of ten years from the date of filing and may be renewed indefinitely for further periods of ten years upon payment of a fee.
As an owner of the intellectual property in Bulgaria, you can: exercise alone industrial property rights, transfer it to others or allow them to use your right, to keep the terms of the protection of your rights to keep their operation, to prevent others to copy or use your industrial property without being authorized to do so, to take action for administrative and judicial protection of their rights if they are violated.

How to protect intellectual property in Bulgaria

Individuals who want to protect intellectual property in Bulgaria need to submit an application at the Bulgarian Patent Office. The patent office handles all the administrative procedures for intellectual property protection in Bulgaria.
Our Bulgarian law firm is ready to assist any clients who are interested in protecting intellectual property in Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian lawyers can also provide various legal services, suited for all company types in Bulgaria.
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