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Immigrate to Bulgaria from Ukraine

Updated on Wednesday 01st June 2022

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Immigrate-to-Bulgaria-from-UkraineMoving to Bulgaria as a foreign citizen may come with various advantages. From lower costs of living compared to other European countries to freedom of travelling to other EU states, especially for non-EU citizens, these are just two of them. Ukrainian citizens can also relocate to Bulgaria by applying for the residence permits available under the current legislation.
If you want to immigrate to Bulgaria from Ukraine in the current context, our local law firm is at your service. We can advise on the quickest route to temporary or permanent residence based on your plans. You can also rely on our Bulgarian lawyers for guidance in preparing the documents required for immigration.

Bulgaria’s position towards Ukrainian refugees

Bulgaria and Ukraine have an agreement that allows for free-visa entry since 2017. Ukrainian citizens can enter and stay in Bulgaria for 3 months within a period of 6 months based on their passports. In the current case, Bulgaria also enacted EU’s latest directive which enables Ukrainian refugees to seek protection in other EU countries through an expedited procedure. Moreover, this will enable refugees to stay here for 1 year.
However, if you decide to move to Bulgaria from Ukraine by other means, you can apply for a regular residence permit that will enable you to qualify for permanent residence or citizenship later.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria are at your disposal no matter the path you choose.

What is the safest to relocate to Bulgaria from Ukraine?

Obtaining a temporary residence permit that can be renewed is one of the safest ways to immigrate to Bulgaria from Ukraine. You can do that by:
  1. enrolling for studies with a Bulgarian educational facility;
  2. finding employment with a Bulgarian company;
  3. opening a Bulgarian company;
  4. entering any other type of venture that requires your stay here.
Our law firm is at your service if you want to open a business in Bulgaria and need guidance. With our help, your company will be up and running in a short time.

How to obtain a work permit for Bulgaria

If you want to move to Bulgaria from Ukraine by taking employment, you first need to secure a labor contract. Its validity must be of minimum 6 months. With this contract, you will be able to enroll with the Bulgarian Employment Agency.
One of the most prolific sectors in Bulgaria is IT, and numerous foreigners come here to start their own businesses, work as sole traders, or as employees of local businesses. If you are interested in immigrating to Bulgaria from Ukraine this way, you can rely on us for guidance on the Labor Code.

How to immigrate to Bulgaria from Ukraine permanently

You can relocate to Bulgaria from Ukraine permanently by obtaining a permanent residence permit the ordinary way or by applying for residency by investment directly. The latter option, however, requires making a significant contribution to the local economy. However, its main advantage is that you can become the owner of a Bulgarian property. This can ensure a relaxed lifestyle.
If you are interested in any of these options, you can get in touch with our local immigration lawyers who can advise you on the available choices.

How long does it take to obtain permanent residence/citizenship in Bulgaria?

If you decide to remain in Bulgaria on an indefinite period of time, here are the timeframes you should consider for permanent residency and citizenship:
  • you can qualify for permanent residency if you live here for 5 years;
  • citizenship by naturalization can be obtained after 5 years of permanent residency, however, marriage can lead to citizenship after 3 years of living here;
  • citizenship by investment is available after 2 years through the fast-track procedure.
If you decide to immigrate to Bulgaria from Ukraine, contact our lawyers who will help you choose the suitable option, in accordance with your plans.