Immigrate to Bulgaria from South Africa

Immigrate to Bulgaria from South Africa

Updated on Tuesday 26th October 2021

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Immigrate-to-Bulgaria-from-South-AfricaBulgaria is one of the easiest countries to immigrate to in Europe and the European Union. Foreign citizens who plan to relocate here have multiple channels they can use, no matter their countries of origin.
This is also the case of South African citizens who can migrate to Bulgaria by meeting the requirements imposed by the national legislation of this country.
If you are South African citizen and are interested in moving here, our lawyers in Bulgaria are at your service with advice and assistance for an easy relocation procedure.

Visas available for immigration to Bulgaria from South Africa

It is worth noting that the immigration procedure for South African citizens is the same as for foreigners from other countries and implies a few steps among which:
  1. choosing an appropriate type of visa (in accordance with the reason for relocation);
  2. filing an application with the Bulgarian Embassy in Pretoria;
  3. wait for the visa to be issued by the Bulgarian authorities.
During this process it is advisable to seek counseling from our lawyers in Bulgaria who can provide useful information on how to obtain the desired type of visa.
Speaking of visas available for immigration to Bulgaria from South Africa, the following can be requested:
  • student visas which are quite sought by young students who want to complete their studies in Bulgaria;
  • Type C visas that are issued at an EU level, therefore, are also available in Bulgaria;
  • Type D visas that are issued for those who want to move permanently from South Africa to Bulgaria.
South African citizens who live in another EU country based on residence permits can use those visas to move to Bulgaria without completing other formalities. However, they must register with the local authorities once entered in Bulgaria.
If you need guidance in choosing a type of visa for moving here from South Africa, our Bulgarian lawyers can provide personalized assistance based on your study and work experience background.

How to prepare to relocate to Bulgaria from South Africa

Even if Bulgaria is not a difficult country to relocate to, having an insight on how to simplify this procedure is always a good idea. For example, it is useful to know that before relocation is good to prospect the real estate market. This will help you decide on the city you want to live in based on your personal and employment or business interests, but also in finding a suitable place to stay.
Every decision is made based on personal criteria, and investors will usually consider other aspects when starting a business in Bulgaria, such as the infrastructure, international connections and access to a large consumer market. They can also use the residency by investment scheme enabled by Bulgaria if they are interested in long-term or permanent relocation.
Our law firm in Bulgaria is made of a multi-disciplinary team who can provide tailored assistance based on the needs of every client.
If you need advice on how to increase your immigration chances, you can rely on our lawyers.

Why choose to immigrate to Bulgaria from South Africa?

Bulgaria is one of the European Union’s emerging markets from an economic point of view which enables foreign investors from all over the world to set up companies that can develop alongside the country’s economy. However, not all South African citizens are interested to move to Bulgaria for starting a company, which is why for these the labor market is quite appealing by offering high paying jobs in the IT industry, which is one of the most important economic sectors of this country.
Bulgaria has one of the most advantageous taxation systems not only in the European Union, but on the entire continent, with a corporate tax rate of only 10%. This system is doubled by other investment incentives offered by the government.
Bulgaria is an open country when it comes to immigration, as the portion of foreigners living here has increased in the past few years. When also adding advantages such as visa-free travel to and from EU, relocating to Bulgaria becomes even more appealing.

Bulgaria has a strong economy

Immigration to Bulgaria from South Africa can rely on many motives, among which economic ones can be very good, considering that:
  • Bulgaria ranks 61st in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report for 2020;
  • it has 68 double tax treaties with countries all over the world, including with South Africa;
  • in 2020, it had the second lowest public debt among all EU member states;
  • it has a performant and sound banking system.
If you decide to move to Bulgaria from South Africa and need assistance in applying for a residence permit, please contact our law firm.