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Immigrate to Bulgaria from Russia

Updated on Wednesday 23rd November 2022

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Immigrate-to-Bulgaria-from-RussiaBulgaria attracts foreign citizens from various points of view, among which taxation, but also low living costs compared to Central European countries. Moreover, the country is also appealing for Russian citizens who prosper here.
If you want to immigrate to Bulgaria from Russia, you can do that by applying for a residence permit. The procedure is not complicated and can be handled by our lawyers in Bulgaria. Based on your interests, we can also offer other legal services, such as opening a business here.

Visas for Russian citizens entering Bulgaria

Russia is not an EU member state, nor is it part of the Schengen Area, which is why those who decide to move to Bulgaria from Russia must obtain a visa for entering the country, in the first place. However, entry visas are issued within 10 to 15 days, so there is no need to worry this step.
Most Russian citizens who come to Bulgaria, however, usually apply for short-term or long-term residence permits because of the lack of language barriers.
If you want to relocate to Bulgaria from Russia on the long term, the permanent residence permit or the citizenship by investment scheme are the most advantageous options.
Our law firm in Bulgaria can guide you on how to immigrate here from Russia through an ordinary residence permit or through an investor visa.

How to immigrate to Bulgaria from Russia and obtain residency

The low personal income tax of only 10% and which does not exceed 12.9% with social security contributions when it comes to employment is an important reason to move to Bulgaria from Russia. This means that alongside the work permit, one will also be issued a residence permit.
There are two types of Bulgarian residence permits that can be obtained by foreign citizens relocating here:
  • the C-type or temporary residence permit which has validity of 6 months, out of which 3 can be spent in Bulgaria;
  • the D-type residence permit that is issued for long stays and through which one can obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria.
No matter the option you decide on, if you want to immigrate to Bulgaria from Russia, our law firm is at your disposal for support in applying for the type of visa sought.

Residency/citizenship by investment – one of the most selected options by Russian citizens

In the past few years, Bulgaria has become an important investment destination, tourism representing one of the most interesting options for Russian businessperson. One of these reasons is the low corporate tax rate which is 10%.
If you want to relocate to Bulgaria from Russia as an investor, here are your main options:
  1. business investment requires a minimum capital injection of 250,000 EUR;
  2. real estate purchase with a minimum value of 300,000 EUR is also an option for those seeking to own a property here;
  3. Bulgaria also has a fast-track citizenship by investment option for those willing to invest at least 1 or 2 million EUR depending on the project.
The lowest amount to be invested, however, was established at 125,000 EUR and targets green projects, with great potential in the Varna region, close to the Black Sea.
No matter the option you decide on, applications for this type of residency/citizenship must be filed with the Bulgarian Investment Agency.

How long does it take to obtain residency/citizenship in Bulgaria?

People who choose to immigrate to Bulgaria from Russia and want to apply for residency or citizenship must know that:
  • it takes 5 years to obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria, based on a temporary residence visa;
  • a Russian citizen must live in Bulgaria for 30 months in order to qualify for permanent residency;
  • citizenship can be obtained within 6 years through the investor visa;
  • through the fast-track procedure, citizenship can be acquired after 2 years.
If you decide to immigrate to Bulgaria, feel free to address our lawyers. They will help you move here from any part of the world.