Immigrate to Bulgaria from Canada

Immigrate to Bulgaria from Canada

Updated on Tuesday 19th March 2024

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Immigrate-to-Bulgaria-from-CanadaIn the past few years, the Bulgarian government has made many changes in terms of facilities offered to foreign citizens and investors looking to relocate here. These have put the country on the most appealing destinations in Southeastern Europe and it now attracts persons from all over the world who want to establish themselves here.
Those who want to immigrate to Bulgaria from Canada will find many opportunities here in terms of employment in sectors like tourism and IT, but also many chances of starting businesses that can benefit from multiple fiscal advantages, among which one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe.
If you decide to move to Bulgaria from Canada, our lawyers in Bulgaria are at your service.

How can Canadian citizens relocate to Bulgaria

Just like American citizens, Canadians can move to Bulgaria for short or long-terms stays. They can come here for various reasons, among which employment, business, but also study are often employed.
If you want to immigrate to Bulgaria from Canada, the process implies applying for a visa prior to arrival, and among the most sought types of permits for entering the country are: 
  1. student visas that are available for those who want to complete their studies or who enroll in student exchange programs;
  2. Type C visas that are available for those who want to stay in Bulgaria for short-term stays;
  3. Type D visas that can be obtained by Canadian citizens who want to move to Bulgaria for several years or permanently;
  4. EU residence permits can also be employed by Canadian citizens who live in other EU states and want to move to Bulgaria from there.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria can provide the necessary details on the requirements to meet when seeking to move to Bulgaria from Canada under any of the visas presented above. Please be aware that the local police department and other organizations with databases of people with criminal histories conduct extensive checks on all applications for long-term permits. All applications must be free of criminal convictions and pending legal processes in order to be accepted. You can also rely on us if you want to apply for residency in Bulgaria and want to make sure you meet all the requirements. 

Short or long-term residency in Bulgaria as a Canadian citizen

Persons who want to move to Bulgaria from Canada can decide the type of visa they want to apply for before entering the country. They can obtain short-term residence permits that enable them to get acquainted with the living conditions here, followed by long-term residence permits that will later allow them to apply for permanent residency or citizenship.
Both employment and business can be used as purposes for immigrating to Bulgaria from Canada. However, the requirements are slightly different for each category of visa applicants.
In the case of those who want to apply for immigration by employment, a work contract with a Bulgarian company is necessary. The agreement will comply with the requirements imposed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Bulgaria.
Those who want to migrate to Bulgaria from Canada by starting a business, they need to start the incorporation procedure and based on the documents that prove their participation in the company, they can obtain residence permits.
No matter the choice, our Bulgarian lawyers at the service of those who want to move here from Canada.

Bulgarian residency by investment for Canadian citizens

Several years ago, Bulgaria entered the list of European countries that created a residency and citizenship by investment program under which for a significant contribution to the economy one can move and live here by obtaining a residence permit.
There are several conditions to be met in order to enter the program, among the financial ones are among the most important. There are various options, among which:
  • the creation of a company in which a minimum investment of 500,000 BGN (around 255,000 euros) and which creates at least 10 full-time jobs;
  • an investment of at least 512, 000 euros is also available in an investment fund;
  • for 1,024,000 euros in an investment fund, it is possible to obtain Bulgarian citizenship;
  • a 2 million euros investment option is also available for Canadian citizens seeking to obtain citizenship in Bulgaria.
The same program is available for other non-EU citizens, including UK nationals, now that the UK is no longer an EU member state.
Our law firm in Bulgaria can help citizens who want to relocate to Bulgaria from Canada through the Golden Visa Scheme.

Permanent residency and citizenship in Bulgaria

Canadian citizens who want to immigrate to Bulgaria can obtain permanent residence in 5 years through ordinary residence visas.
The fast-track procedure which implies investment can lead to citizenship in Bulgaria after 18 months after 5 years of permanent residence. Through an ordinary permanent residence permit, citizenship can be acquired in 10 years.
If you decide to relocate to Bulgaria from Canada, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for information and guidance in applying for residency or citizenship.