Immigrate to Bulgaria from Australia

Immigrate to Bulgaria from Australia

Updated on Tuesday 16th July 2024

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Immigrate to Bulgaria from Australia
If you decide to immigrate to Bulgaria from Australia, the main pathway to do that is by applying for a residence permit. You have several options in terms of residency and the choice of one should be based on aspects like the reason for relocation and how long you plan to stay here.
Below, our lawyers in Bulgaria explain how you can relocate to this country as an Australian and how you can obtain permanent residence and even citizenship.

Types of residence permits for Bulgaria

Here are the 2 types of Bulgarian residence permits you can apply for as an Australian citizen:
  • the extended residence permit or the national D visa;
  • the long-term residence permit.
The extended residence permit is issued for a few months with a maximum validity period of one year. Its extension will enable you to obtain a long-term residence card. This last option will further allow to qualify for permanent residency after 5 years.
An important aspect to consider when you move to Bulgaria from Australia is no matter the type of visa you apply for it must correspond to the reason for immigration. Our Bulgarian lawyers can offer detailed information both types of residence permits.

Relocate to Bulgaria from Australia by applying for extended residency

Extended residency is suitable for those who want to immigrate to Bulgaria from Australia for the following reasons:
  • employment as regular workers or highly skilled professional;
  • company representation;
  • business setup;
  • family reunification;
  • medical treatment;
  • retirement;
  • studentship;
  • marriage;
  • volunteering.
As you can read above, this type of visa cover most of the reasons one would have to move to Bulgaria from Australia. The important thing to consider is the documents required for you to prove your relocation motive.

Documents required when immigrating to Bulgaria from Australia

Here is the general documentation to gather if you plan to relocate to Bulgaria from Australia:
  • the standard application form;
  • a valid passport;
  • a recent bank statement indicating you have sufficient money to fund your stay in Bulgaria;
  • a lease/rental agreement, as you will also need a place to live, no matter the reason for immigration to Bulgaria;
  • valid health insurance;
  • a clear criminal record.
You can rely on our law firm in Bulgaria for support in gathering the specific papers you need based on your reason for relocation.

Arrangements you need to make in Bulgaria

As you see above, you need a place to stay on arrival, and as such a lease or rental in recommended. As an alternative you can consider buying a property in Bulgaria and moving directly into your home. Our lawyers can also help in this endeavour and help you complete the transaction.
With the citizenship by investment scheme that no longer allows real estate acquisition, the advantage of moving to Bulgaria by purchasing a property is that you are not conditioned to buy a house or apartment of a specific value.

Access to permanent residence and citizenship

If you intend to stay for 5 consecutive years in Bulgaria, you become eligible for permanent residency. Add 5 more years to this time frame and you will qualify for Bulgarian citizenship.
Residence permit and passports are issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs through the Immigrate Services offices.

Why immigrate to Bulgaria from Australia

Here are just a few reasons to choose Bulgaria for immigration from Australia:
  • you will benefit from one of the lowest taxes in Europe and the European Union – 10% applicable to both personal and business income;
  • you only need to spend 183 days per year in Bulgaria to be considered a tax resident, and thus benefit from that low tax rate mentioned above;
  • the Bulgarian passport ranks 33rd in the Nomad Passport Index,
If you need assistance with the immigration formalities, you can contact our Bulgarian law firm for dedicated support.