Personnel Relocation to Bulgaria - Guide for Intra-Company Transfers

Employee/Personnel Relocation to Bulgaria

Updated on Thursday 10th November 2022

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Employee Relocation to Bulgaria
Bulgaria hosts many foreign companies that can choose to employ local workers or transfer employees from their home countries. In this last instance, personnel relocation to Bulgaria implies applying for an intra-company transfer (ICT) work permit.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria explain below the procedure to obtain such a visa. You can rely on us for support throughout the entire process of employee relocation to Bulgaria.

Procedure for personnel relocation to Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the process to obtain an intra-company transfer permit can take up to 60 days. The procedure can be started by the employee, the employer or another party appointed by the Bulgarian company transferring the worker.
The application for an intra-company transfer permission must be filed with the Bulgarian immigration authorities.
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Who can be transferred following employee relocation to Bulgaria

An employee must fall under one of the following categories in order to be eligible for the Bulgarian intra-company transfer permit:
  • staff at the management level;
  • personnel qualifying as specialists;
  • trainees.
A manager is a person who holds a senior management position, guides the administration of the host undertaking, oversees and controls the work of other professionals, and manages decisions pertaining to employee rights and obligations for the purposes of intra-company transfer.
The specialist is a person who works for a division of a company registered in Bulgaria. The respective person must possess specialized expertise for the operations, management, and strategy of the hosting entity.
A trainee is a worker with a higher degree who has been transferred to the host organization for professional development and training and who is paid during the transfer period.
In addition, management-level personnel and experts must have worked for the transferring company for at least 12 months before being transferred, while trainees must have worked there for at least 6 months.
Our law firm in Bulgaria can advise on the entire procedure of employee relocation.

Documents required to transfer employees to Bulgaria

Personnel relocation to Bulgaria implies drafting specific documents. The applicant and the foreign employer are required to submit the following papers:
  • a copy of the applicant's passport;
  • a clean criminal record of the employee;
  • an employment agreement with the overseas company for the last 12 months
  • certificate of good standing or another type of certification demonstrating the connection between a foreign and the Bulgarian organization.
The permission letter is sent with the D visa application to the Bulgarian embassy in the place of residence or the country the employee is located at the time. The processing of the D visa will take between 4 and 6 weeks. Once obtained, the residence permit can be renewed for 3 years.
Non-EU nationals with jobs in Bulgaria may also apply to bring their family with them.
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Duration of an intra-company transfer visa for Bulgaria

Under the local legislation, employee relocation to Bulgaria is possible as follows:
  • for management level workers, for a term of up to 3 years;
  • for specialists and trainees for a term of up to one year
  • for all types of employees, following a 6-month pause, the contract may be renewed.
Third-country or non-EU nationals must first acquire a residence permit as well as a work permit if they are to be relocated to Bulgaria.
If you want more information on intra-company transfers, please get in touch with our Bulgarian law firm.