Bulgarian Property Register

Bulgarian Property Register

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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bulgarian_property_register.jpgAll the legal properties from the Bulgarian territory must be registered in the Bulgarian Property Register which is owned and managed by the Bulgarian Registry Agency. All the transactions and legal documents related to the properties are entered in the register.
Due to the Integrated Information System for Cadastre and Property Registration (IKAR, founded in 2008) all information on Bulgarian properties are publicly available on the website of the Land Registry Agency.  This system has the information structured on two sections, depending on its user: an administrative section and one customer section. The system is covering the entire territory of Bulgaria from 2009 and the Geodesy Cartography and Cadastre Agency’s registry is fully integrating it.
The Bulgarian property register provides information on the transactions related to a Bulgarian property, grants information on the access to the rights attached to a property and those of the real estate. 
The customer can make verifications on various properties or ask for certificates on their properties or as for details regarding the legislation applicable to Bulgarian properties. 
The register is asking for certain documents which are registered in the entry registry of the IKAR system (E-Cadastre) and then presented in front of the entry judges for verification and resolution. If the information is approved by the entry judge, the information is manually entered in the system along with scanning the relevant documents and saving those in the IKAR system. 
Certain rights and duties are attached to the users of the Registry and to the Register itself. For instance, the Register can expand his services, technology or design without notifying its customers, can deliver automatic emails regarding the provided services to the customers registered in the database, can delete a name not used for more than 12 months and receive payments for various services. The register has the obligation to provide access to services to all registered customers, provide customers the service requested in the case of prepaid credit limit or payment of a service fee and provide clients with information about available services, their prices and ways of payment.
The advantages of this system consist in the availability for free of the information stated there for the registered individuals.  Other advantages besides the public character are due to the fact that the data stated in the Register is transparent and secure. 
If you need more information about the Bulgarian property register, you can contact our local lawyers.