Obtain Golden Visa in Bulgaria - The Fastest Way to Immigrate to Bulgaria

Obtain Golden Visa in Bulgaria

Updated on Wednesday 19th May 2021

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Obtain-Golden-Visa-in-BulgariaA few years back, the government put Bulgaria on the map of countries that offer the possibility to buy residency and citizenship here to foreigners. Moving to Bulgaria and buying a golden visa is quite simple and enabled investors interested in this program to access various options in order to qualify.
If you are interested in moving to Bulgaria and applying for a golden visa, our lawyers are at your service with information and guidance through the entire procedure.

Qualification requirements for the Bulgarian golden visa

The Golden Visa Scheme addresses foreign citizens from non-EU countries interested in relocating to an European Union country. Apart from this, the applicant must meet certain requirements, among which:
  • he or she must be at least 18 years old at the time of the application;
  • one must also have health insurance meeting the EU coverage requirements;
  • the applicant must also have a clean criminal record;
  • the applicant must prove the legitimacy of the funds to be invested.
Starting with 2021, the Bulgarian Golden Visa program has suffered a few changes.
Our lawyers in Bulgaria can offer more information on the requirements applicable to those seeking to obtain a golden visa.

Investment options for moving to Bulgaria through a golden visa

Just like other European countries, the Bulgarian authorities have enabled several options that suit the needs of every investor when it comes to the investment that can be made. As mentioned earlier, in 2021 an important change was made in relation to one of the investment options which was replaced.
Under the new program under which one can relocate to Bulgaria through the golden visa, the following possibilities are available:
  1. real estate investments worth a at least 512,000 euros;
  2. greenfield investment projects worth at least 125,000 euros;
  3. business investment projects with a value of 250,000 euros;
  4. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) investments with a value of at least 512,000 euros.
ETF and AIFs investments are the option that replaced the former government bond purchase possibility under the old Golden Visa Program. Moreover, under the new scheme it is useful to know that a fast-track citizenship by investment procedure is available by doubling the amount injected in the selected project. Thus, for 1, 024,000 euros, a Bulgarian passport can be obtained in 18 months.
If you are planning to apply for a golden visa for Bulgaria in 2021, our law firm can offer all the details about the program, including the fast-track procedure. You can also rely on our Bulgarian lawyers for assistance in submitting your application.

How apply for a golden visa for Bulgaria

The application for a Bulgarian golden visa is simpler compared to other countries as it does not imply taking an interview or language requirements. The procedure will begin with the Bulgarian embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country which will imply obtaining a D-visa for entering Bulgaria. Once all the documents are verified and approved by the Ministry of Interior, residency is granted within 6 to 8 months.
One of the changes in the program for 2021 implies faster citizenship for dependents who want to move to Bulgaria through the golden visa.
If you need assistance in preparing for a quick immigration through the Golden Visa program, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Bulgarian law firm that will start the procedure on your behalf as soon as all verifications are completed.

The fast-track citizenship by investment procedure in Bulgaria

Foreign citizens who do not want to wait for 5 years to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, can apply for the fast-track procedure through the golden visa which implies the minimum 512,000 euros investment in the first year, followed by doubling the initial capital injection in the second year.
If you are interested in this option, our law firm in Bulgaria is at your service for assistance.

Why choose Bulgaria as golden visa destination

Compared to other European countries, Bulgaria has one of the most modern golden visa schemes with the 2021 changes to testify to that. Apart from this, one can choose Bulgaria for the following reasons:
  • it has one of the cheapest workforces in Europe which is very suitable for entrepreneurs;
  • the applicant can obtain a Bulgarian passport while retaining the original citizenship;
  • the country has one of the lowest corporate income taxes in Europe;
  • under this scheme, the applicant’s spouse and children qualify for permanent residency automatically.
Do not hesitate to contact us for guidance in moving to Bulgaria by applying for a golden visa.