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Business etiquette in Bulgaria


Foreign investors in Bulgaria need to understand the basic core values of the Bulgarian people with whom they engage in business activities. When opening a company in Bulgaria is best to understand how corporate responsibility has shaped over the years as the country evolved. Entrepreneurs who take into consideration all of these elements are more likely to engage in profitable and satisfactory business relations.

A new form of support for businesses between Bulgaria and UK

Bulgaria and the United Kingdom have made an important step towards a better collaboration - the beginning of the year marked the launch of the British Bulgaria Business Association, a new organization that aims to encourage and help business activities between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. This means that foreign investors in both countries will have a business partner who will look after their best interests. 

The trade between Bulgaria and EU countries is increasing


Bulgaria increased its trade with countries from the European Union, both its exports to EU countries and imports from its partners in the EU. The total value of the trade, as recorded between January and October 2014, was 2.4% larger than in 2013 for exports and 3.2% larger for imports. Bulgaria also maintained its economic and trade relations with countries from outside the EU. However, its greatest partner remains the European Union.

The minimum wage changes as of 2015


The New Year brings new changes to the minimum wage value in Bulgaria. This will be a two steps increase for the minimum Bulgarian salary. As of January 2015, the minimum wage will grow by BGN 20 and will be followed by another round of BGN 20 growth in July. Employers in Bulgaria will have to adjust to these new changes, but the good news is that other taxes will not suffer any changes.