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More tourists expected to visit Bulgaria in the winter season


Bulgaria is becoming a more attractive and profitable touristic destination in Europe. The country has much to offer in any season, from beautiful beaches to serene mountain resorts and ski slopes in the winter. A tourist in Bulgaria will feel like the trip was worth the money and entrepreneurs are keen on investing in the tourism sector. Predictions also look good for the winter, when the number of tourists is expected to grow and head to the ski resorts.

New investments in tourism


Bulgaria is well known for its affordable touristic destinations and a beautiful variety of landscapes, including mountains and sea resorts. Tourism is also an important contributor to the country’s economy and a business choice for foreign investors who want to open a company in Bulgaria. The representatives of some of the country’s most popular touristic regions are looking for ways to increase their attractiveness and plan to invest in various development programs. 

Chinese investments in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is encouraging Chinese investments in the country and has recently invited Chinese companies to cooperate with Bulgarian ones and seek business opportunities. Bulgaria is an attractive choice for Chinese investors and the country has a favorable taxation regime. The country is also located in an advantageous position among the Central and Eastern Europe countries.

An increase of foreign direct investments in Bulgaria


The first eight months of 2014 have brought more foreign direct investments in Bulgaria compared to the same time last year. The efforts to attract investors in Bulgaria were made by the Bulgarian government, together with Bulgarian ambassadors and Bulgarian investment agencies that have worked together to prove that Bulgaria is an attractive option for business owners.