Bulgarian Business Climate Improves in April

Written by: Bridgewest

Bulgarian-Business-Climate-Improves-in-AprilAccording to the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute, the total business confidence indicator rose by 2.5% in April compared to the value registered in March. The improvement was granted to the increased levels of sales in the construction and retail.

Why did the levels of trading activities in the Bulgarian constructions and retail sectors rise?

Managers of Bulgarian companies reported higher expectations in the construction and retail trades, thus raising the overall business climate indicator for the fourth month of this year. Even if the “business climate in industry” was the same compared to March, the retailers’ expectations for the following months have increased the indicator by 5.3%. Bulgarian companies have also reported an increase in the productivity activity. The construction business climate indicator increased by 8.4% in April compared to March, as the managers’ expectations were surpassed. Between the two sectors registering the highest increases, retailers were more optimistic regarding the predictions for the volumes of sales and orders for the following three months.

At the opposed corner, Bulgarian companies in the services sector decreased by 2.1% in April due to the managers’ unfavorable expectations of the present situation. However, they are positive about the outcomes of the following three months, as their expectations about the demand for services are higher.

The Bulgarian business climate to be discussed in “The Sound of Money” financial forum

On May 12th and 13th, Bulgaria organizes the largest specialized financial forum, “The Sound of Money” which will be attended by some of the greatest banking institutions and companies in Bulgaria and also by representatives of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. This year’s “The Sound of Money” forum will encompass, together with the traditional “Capital Markets”, “Real Estate”, “Banks” and “Bulgaria’s economic prospects” panels, two specialized panels: “Technology” and “Investments”.

The first edition of the forum took place in 2010 and, due to its great success, it has been organized every year since. Over the last five years, the forum was attended by Bulgarian and foreign financial specialists presenting their successful business ideas.

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