About us

About us

Updated on Friday 15th October 2021

Sofia Offices provides complete services to investors in Bulgaria. Our lawyers are experienced and can assist entrepreneurs in all legal matters that may arise during trade and investment activities in the country. 
Our lawyer, Emil Iliev, is an experienced attorney in Sofia who can assist entrepreneurs in all legal matters that may arise during trade and investment activities in the country. 
Our team can help investors with all of the legal matters concerning company formation and they can provide complete assistance during the trade negotiation with Bulgarian business partners as well as for the preparation of business projects. Moreover, we also provide modern business solutions for companies in Bulgaria, such as:

-   virtual office (telephone and fax services, address for correspondence etc.);
-   executive offices for rent at prestigious business addresses in Sofia;
-   accounting services tailored to your company needs;
-   financial consultancy;
-  legal advice and consultancy regarding company formation and registration, mergers and acquisitions etc.;
-   assistance for purchase of a real estate property;
-   professional translations and legalization services.

The local lawyers in Bulgaria provide a wide range of legal services that cover all important aspects of law. They are specialized in commercial law, real estate regulations, administrative and tax law.

You can ask for professional advice when you have to choose the type of company to open in Bulgaria, to register it, to negotiate with your business partners, to prepare business projects etc. The consultants offer you analysis and consultancy services necessary for trade contracts, mergers and acquisitions and other business procedures.  

Legal assistance for real estate investments in Bulgaria

Our legal department from Sofia Offices is also highly specialized in issues concerning the Bulgarian real estate sector and consultants can help you with real estate investments – they will find out the legal status of properties for buying, restrictions for constructions etc. and represent you in negotiations and preparation of the documents.

If you need documents to be prepared for real estate deals, we can help you with permits, certificates, tax evaluations etc.

After you open a company in Bulgaria, you will need accounting services, so our accountants will manage the preparation of financial reports and all the other documents necessary for a firm.   
Please contact us in order to have your question answered by our specialists or set up an appointment in Sofia.