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Virtual Office in Bulgaria

Virtual Office in Bulgaria

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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virtual_office_in_bulgaria.jpgIf you are trying to open a small business in Bulgaria, but at the beginning you don’t have the possibility of having your own premises here you are advised to use the services of a law firm which can offer you a virtual office. In certain cases, it is even better to request a virtual office as this way you can concentrate on expanding your business and focusing on the services provided by you and their good quality.
A big majority of law firms are offering the following services attached to the virtual offices: a receptionist to answer your calls, a dedicated phone line, voice mail, business address, management of email, faxes, mail and couriers or even providing a meeting room access for your appointment in situation which asks for it.
Services for your company
A virtual office act as an actual office but it is own by a third party. For instance our law firm can offer you complete virtual office services in Bulgaria including a registered office in Sofia other major cities in Bulgaria. 
One of the provided services is having a full time or part time dedicated receptionist which will answer all the calls in your name and will forward you all the messages. The local phone call provided by us it is also necessary in the registration process of your company so even if you are not using the services of a secretary you can still have advantages from it. The redirecting of calls from a Bulgarian number to any number provided by you it is also possible.
When setting up a company, besides the contact information such as telephone number or email addresses it is mandatory to have a business address. Without this, the registration in the Bulgarian Trade Register it is not possible. The fact that we can offer you a business address in the heart of the capital, can provide you a prestigious image witch can help in consolidating your clientele.
Another major service provided by our company in Bulgaria is collecting all the packages and mail and send it to a specified address. Also an email address can be provided by our law firm and can be supervised by your own receptionist. A fax number is also offered and all the faxes will be delivered to a specified address. 
It is not mandatory to purchase all the services stated above but it is advisable to ask for a full package but if you need a personalized offer we are more than happy to advise you regarding other packages. Our multinational company can also provide virtual offices in other European countries like Portugal, Estonia, or Switzerland.


  • Petra 2015-06-03

    Hello Please inform about about virtual office package in Bulgaria. The requirement is address for receiving the post and sending it to another address, which will be provided. Do you have such service? How much does it cost? Is it an annual or monthly payment? Thank you in advance for the information.

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