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Updated on Wednesday 27th July 2016 is a member of BridgeWest®, a legal network of European lawyers and consultants, based in over 65 countries.

cristian-darie lawyer.pngMy experience with was very satisfactory from the very beginning because I have found there useful information about the legislation in Bulgaria. I had a few clients interested in doing business in this country and I received all the details I needed for them. I will definitely recommend their services and their website.

Attorney at Law Cristian Darie
Darie, Manea & Associates (Bucharest, Romania)


radoslav-bun.pngI have used BridgeWest® legal network in different countries and I am very pleased by our collaboration which I consider it has been professional. I appreciate the great communication and identification of client needs, which are very important for present-day business. The legal services offered by our partners from BridgeWest® perfectly meet these requirements.

Attorney at Law Radosław Kapułka
Kapułka Legal Law Firm