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EORI registration in Bulgaria

EORI registration in Bulgaria

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Because Bulgaria is part of the European Community, the country has to comply with certain rules and regulations for performing economic activities. The EORI number is used to improve the security of commercial transactions within the European Union and, at the same time, it offers the possibility to identify other commercial operators.
Economic operators established in Bulgaria must register for an EORI number. The application is available online on the National Customs Agency website ( and it must be accompanied by specific documents that prove the individual’s or company’s identity, such as documents issued by the Bulgarian Trade Register (for legal persons) and ID cards for natural persons.
The EORI registration form must be submitted in Bulgarian, at the customs office within the residence area of the economic operator. Non-EU nationals can also apply for an EORI number, however, they have to submit additional documentation.
If you want to open a company in Bulgaria, our Bulgarian lawyers can help you register your company at the Trade Register.

The Bulgarian EORI number

Bulgarian economic operators use their EORI numbers when they are performing commercial activities. The structure of the EORI number for a Bulgarian legal entity is as follows: BG+X+Trade Register number+control digit or BG+X+ID number+control digit. 
The EORI central system comprises certain data about registered legal entities. Some of the information can be provided optionally, while other information is mandatory for registration. General details about economic operators that can be accesses through the EORI system include:
- the assigned EORI number,
- the complete identification details of the economic operator,
- the registered address or addresses.
After a Bulgarian company has applied for an EORI number, it must use this unique number whenever it makes a customs transaction within the European Community and whenever it needs to identify itself for various commercial purposes.
Our Bulgarian lawyers can provide more information about the EORI registration process and requirements for authorised economic operators within the EU. If your company performs import or export activities, our law firm in Bulgaria can help you with various legal services.


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