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Divorce procedure in Bulgaria

Divorce Procedure in Bulgaria

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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The divorce procedure in Bulgaria is regulated by the Bulgarian Family Code. A marriage in Bulgaria can be terminated or suspended in certain cases and there are more types of divorce: either by mutual consent or by initiating a civil action. Our Bulgarian lawyers may represent you and your interests if you are going through a divorce procedure in Bulgaria. 

Types of divorce in Bulgaria

A divorce by mutual consent is preferred when both parties agree on the reasons for divorce and the court allows for the procedure to take place without investigating the cause for the dissolution of the marriage. This is the simplest type of divorce in Bulgaria and the costs involved in the procedure are much lower than in other cases. Spouses must come to an agreement regarding the custody of the children, visiting rights, the division of the property acquired during the marriage, the use of the family name etc.
The spouses need to have been married for at least three years before filing for divorce in Bulgaria. A period of separation before initiating the procedure is not mandatory, although the couple may be required to try and attend a marriage counselling meeting before taking this step.
Any of the spouses may request a divorce by disruption of marriage if they believe that the marriage is irreparable. There is no time limit for the duration of a marriage if the couple chooses to separate this way. The spouse that initiates the action must bring proof that the marriage has been seriously and irretrievably broken down by the other party. A judge ensures that the interests of the children are protected. The parties may agree upon all or part of the consequences of divorce.

The consequences of divorce in Bulgaria

In case of divorce, each party is entitled to a part of the property acquired during the marriage. The conjugal property community is terminated after the divorce procedure is complete. 
A marriage in Bulgaria can also be dissolved in case of a declared death of one of the spouses or if the marriage is invalidated. Our Bulgarian lawyers can help you with more information about the legal grounds for invalidating a marriage in Bulgaria.
Please contact our Bulgarian law firm for more information about divorcing in Bulgaria.


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