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Lawyers in Bulgaria
Lawyers in Bulgaria
Legal services in Bulgaria

Lawyers in Bulgaria

Do you need legal services for your business in Bulgaria? Our experienced lawyers in Bulgaria offer legal assistance and representation for international clients doing business in this country.

Litigation cases

Our attorneys will represent you in any type of courts.

Open a company

We help you set up different types of companies.


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Company liquidation

Legal assistance for company dissolution.

Debt collection

Do you have a debt to recover? Contact us.

Tax advice/planning

Legal advice for tax minimization.

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Law Firm in Bulgaria

Law Firm in Bulgaria

Updated on Friday 05th May 2017

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Bulgaria has tried and succeeded during the last years to modernize its legislation which has led to an influx of foreign investment. Bulgaria also has some of the best and cheapest workforces in Europe which is an important advantage when it comes to opening a company here. 

By working with our Bulgarian law firm you will always have access to personalized services based on you needs and requirements. Any questions you have will be answered as soon as possible by our Bulgarian lawyers. Here are some the services our Bulgarian law firm has successfully offered throughout the years to our clients:

  • -          consultancy in business-related matters,
  • -          company registration services,
  • -          representation in litigation cases,
  • -          tax registration and tax planning solutions,
  • -          debt collection,
  • -          employment matters,
  • -          representation in litigation related to civil matters such as divorce and child custody.

Whether you need assistance in opening a company in Bulgaria or representation in other legal matters our attorneys will provide you with the suitable solution. You can count on our Bulgarian attorneys to always be there for you.

Opening a company with the help of our Bulgarian lawyers

Opening a company in Bulgaria is very simple once you have requested the services of our law firm. The first step will be for our lawyers in Bulgaria to familiarize you with the requirements of the Commercial Law related to company registration. Once you have fully understood what these requirements are you can choose the best solution according to your needs. Our Bulgarian lawyers will then handle the registration procedure by drafting the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and submitting them with the Bulgarian Companies Register. The last step will be tax registration. 

By choosing to work with our lawyers in Bulgaria for opening a company in this country, the procedure becomes simple and worriless. You need to have all the appropriate documents properly completed and deposited at the right authorities and the procedure doesn’t take longer than eighteen days. Find out more on this subject here. For qualified legal consultancy in other European countries, like Germany for instance, please contact our partners German lawyers. You can always rely on their services.

Consultancy related to taxation in Bulgaria

Once the company is registered you will need to understand the taxes you have to pay. Our Bulgarian lawyers will take you through the most important aspects of the Bulgarian Tax Code in order for you to understand how to maximize your incomes by minimizing the taxes you must pay. Bulgaria provides many tax incentives you will want to know about. You can simply ask our lawyers in Bulgaria what those are and how you can benefit from them. They will help you find the best solution. Our Bulgarian attorneys will also offer you a full picture of the country’s double taxation agreements in order to help you understand what you rights are when repatriating profits.

Legal representation in litigation cases

Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations and not be able to defuse the situation without going to court. Our attorneys in Bulgaria will then offer you legal advice on how to handle a litigation case and will also represent you if it gets to that point. Our lawyers will help you find the best legal solutions in order to resolve litigation cases. Arbitration is one of the most employed methods of resolving business litigation nowadays and our Bulgarian attorneys are well prepared in assisting you.

Legal assistance in civil cases

Our lawyers in Bulgaria will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance. Find out from our Bulgarian attorneys what your rights are and how to best handle a divorce case. You can rely on our Bulgarian law firm’s services and advice in order to go through court proceedings. You can also ask our lawyers’ advice in case of division of assets and child custody. If you have questions or need legal support you can contact our law firm in Bulgaria for help.


Lawyers Bulgaria is a part of Bridgewest company, a European Company Formation agent with offices all over the world. Our areas of expertise are law, accountancy and company formation. If  ever in need of legal services in other countries, we recommend our reliable teams from all around the world, such as lawyers from Poland, company formation specialists from Hong Kong or Switzerland. Also, if you want to invest  in coutries like Romania, our business partners can help your new company there by recommending specialists in other areas like employment, real-estate or even medical or dental care that will surely help your business grow faster and your experience will be even more enjoyable.



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