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Law Firm in Bulgaria

Law Firm in Bulgaria Updated on Thursday 13th August 2015

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Our law firm philosophy is to provide modern, professional and accurate services to clients in Bulgaria in order to facilitate their access to legal assistance. The lawyers in Bulgaria that work for us offer consultancy and representation for all types of services, from the tax compliance to litigations, company registration, trade, debt collection, divorce, intellectual rights, services, labor law, contract disputes, due diligence, company liquidation.  

Our Bulgarian law firm provide legal services for corporate, any other entities with legal personality and also for individuals. The level of training and the vast experience of our lawyers in many processes represent the key for success and promote us in the top position. We have accurate knowledge in the Bulgarian legal field, understand each client’s case and we carry out all the procedures required.

By choosing to work with our lawyers in Bulgaria for opening a company in this country, the procedure becomes simple and worriless. You need to have all the appropriate documents properly completed and deposited at the right authorities and the procedure doesn’t take longer than eighteen days. Find out more on this subject here. For qualified legal consultancy in other European countries, like Germany for instance, please contact our partners German lawyers. You can always rely on their services.


Our law firm in Bulgaria is able to represent you in any litigation case, by offering the appropriate advice, counseling and actions. For more information about litigation in Bulgaria click here


Closing a company

Our law firm focuses on providing consulting services and legal assistance at professional standards in various fields, including in the proceeding of closing a company in Bulgaria. In the first instance you need to know that a Bulgarian company may be firstly dissolute and then liquidated. The decision of dissolution may be voluntary (when the term of availability for the company has expired, when it’s a shareholders’ decision, when the company is merged or consolidated) or compulsory (when the company is bankrupt or if the decision is taken by the Court). You will find further information here

Registration of a holding company

Our lawyers have solid knowledge and experience in the procedure of registration of a holding company in Bulgaria and are up to date with all the laws and rulings regulated by the Commerce Act. Our lawyers will also inform you from the beginning that a holding company must invest at least 25% of its capital stock in its subsidiary and must have the power to invest the majority of directors of this company. Our lawyers will also provide you all the needed information about the form that may be taken by a holding company: limited liability companies, joint stock companies or partnerships limited by shares. Read more about this here

How to avoid double taxation

Double tax treaties are designed to avoid the payment of taxes both in the country where a foreign company operates business and also in the parent company. Our law firm is able to help you in the tax exemption procedure, with all the steps required. Here you can read more about the double tax treaties in Bulgaria. 

Debt collection

Many entrepreneurs encountered unpleasant surprises in the debt collection and, in order to avoid this financial gap in your company, you may ask our law firm for assistance. Our lawyers have strong background on the debt collection procedure and are able to help you with the demand letters, in the relations with the competent authorities and they can also successfully represent you in the court hearing. You can find more information about the debt collection procedure in Bulgaria here

Taxes in Bulgaria

When opening a new company in Bulgaria you must be aware of the obligation to pay certain taxes, which are variable depending on the type of company owned and also depends on various characteristics kept by that company. In order to get full compliance with the tax system in Bulgaria our team of lawyers and accountants will guide you for the each tax that must be paid and we are also available to offer you complete services in the field of tax compliance. Read more about the taxation in Bulgaria here

Our law firms will also offer you counseling and representation in the VAT registration, EORI registration in Bulgaria, real estate due diligence and all the issues related to employment law.

Import and export activities

Whether you want to import or to export goods into and from Bulgaria, our law firm has specialized departments with experienced lawyers who can offer you complete services in this field, having in consideration that after adhering to EU, the import and exports become much easier as taxes are due only when importing goods into Bulgaria from outside the EU. You can read further information about the import and export in Bulgaria here.

Divorce cases

We also offer our services for individual customers, including in cases of termination of marriage by our specialized lawyers who can represent you either in the divorce procedure that implies a mutual consent (as regulated by the Family Code) and also in a divorce in a civil action. Read more about the divorce procedure in Bulgaria here

Intellectual property

Our lawyers are able to advice you in any issue regarding the intellectual property in Bulgaria, as protected by the regulations of National Legislation, the European Law or the International Conventions and Agreements. Here you can find out what the intellectual property in Bulgaria means.

When an entrepreneur wants to open a small business in Bulgaria but does not have the possibility of establishing personal premises, our law firm is able to offer him full support for a virtual office, with the main advantage of a better concentrating on expanding the business and focusing on the services provided rather than bothering about a headquarter. Find more about this here.

Lawyers Bulgaria is a part of Bridgewest company, a European Company Formation agent with offices all over the world. Our areas of expertise are law, accountancy and company formation. If  ever in need of legal services in other countries, we recommend our reliable teams from all around the world, such as lawyers from Poland, company formation specialists from Hong Kong or Switzerland. Also, if you want to invest  in coutries like Romania, our business partners can help your new company there by recommending specialists in other areas like employment, real-estate or even medical or dental care that will surely help your business grow faster and your experience will be even more enjoyable.



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